Resin Human Beaded Skull No.9


mexican beaded skullsOur Exquisite Corpse work with the Huichol people of Western Mexico to create these beaded skulls.

The Huichols believe in the power of the Sun God, ancestral spirits and four principal deities – Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle. They live in the Sierra Madre Mountains and have a long history in creating beaded art.

Our Exquisite Corpse has commissioned individual pieces from the most gifted artists. While most of the pieces are traditional, others are interpretations of contemporary designs provided by us.

These unique beaded skulls are not only part of a limited collection, but remain a treasured piece of Huichol culture.

Each one of a kind Huichol skull is handed beaded using wax on a resin base and should be kept away from heat and the sun.

Each skull is packaged in a bespoke padded box (example pictured below) that is super shipping and freight friendly.

Please remember to support the jaw.



Price: £600.00

mexican beaded skullsmexican beaded skullsmexican beaded skullsmexican beaded skulls








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